5110’s Fire Relief Fund Gaining Traction, Providing Aid to Victims

In response to the catastrophic loss of homes, businesses, and livelihoods for many Oregonians, Rotary has established a Fire Relief Fund to help victims of the fires rebuild their lives. Oregon communities that have been severely devastated, if not eliminated, in the wake of these unprecedented fires will need help in both the near and long term.

“For the painful and challenging times ahead, Rotary is ready to accept the public and corporate support to help those in need in our local communities. The focus is on raising and leveraging funds for future distribution via District Disaster Grants that help rebuild the fire devastated areas,” said District Governor Cindi O’Neil of Bend, Oregon. Click here to learn how to donate and help with relief efforts.

5110 Fire Relief Fund Gains Significant Media Coverage

From Curry County to Bend, Oregon to Houston, Texas, Rotary 5110’s Fire Relief Fund earned media attention. Matt Hall published front page stories — Rotary establishes fire relief fund for victims — in four newspapers in Coos and Curry counties. Bend’s KVTZ-TV carried the story on its TV website. Even the e-Club of Houston, Texas — whose members include a few Oregonians — carried an article, Rotary helps Oregon Fire Victims.