This letter is all about gratitude and appreciation. I am VERY happy that our political programs are behind us and that I (and many of you who sent me emails) thought that we stuck to the issues, and met the 4-way test in the way we treated each candidate. I am very Grateful for the counsel of those Rotarians who helped me on this journey (and there were some pot holes). I very Grateful to Liz Ness, Jerry Harris and of course Past President Jennifer Geller for putting Service above Self, in helping me with this endeavor. I abhor the nasty partisan attacks that are a part of elections, and wish that each side would stick to the issues and let us make our choice based on them. As you watch the Presidential debates, let’s see how the moderators and candidates do with the 4-way test.

I would also like to thank Phil Barnhart for putting the programs together. Both in keeping me informed on what he sent to both sides and in the Professional way in which he treated both candidates. At the end of the debates, I neglected to tell each candidate about the polio vaccines we were dedicating in their names (thanks to Jerry for reminding me), so I sent each of them an email informing them of what we had done!

Our next program is on the McKenzie Discovery Center and is most poignant, considering what has transpired with our recent fire that has destroyed some of the beauty of the river. I grew up close enough to ride my bike to fish the McKenzie as a kid, and it is a big part of why I decided to retire here, after a nomadic life of living in 11 different States. The McKenzie is one of the purest rivers in our country, because of the geology and where it’s water comes from. Our presenter is a McKenzie River guide and runs the McKenzie river drift boat museum, so I think it means a great deal more to him. Be sure to attend this meeting and invite a friend.

As a tribute to Randy and his message I have attached a couple pictures of the Gilmour’s and what the beauty of the river means to us! I am grateful for the river and the fact that this fire will only be and instant, in the rivers life.

Best Regards,


“The roots of all goodness, lie in the soil of appreciation” – The Dalai Lama