We will have our first Board of Director’s meeting this next Tuesday afternoon.  One of the topics we will review is all of our Committees, the Chairs and their activities.  We will be looking for some help in some of the committees and maybe some new chairs or co-chairs for some, where people want to step back or need some extra help.  We will also be looking to beef up some committees.

I would urge everyone and especially our new members to look at our committees on DACdb and decide what areas might interest you.  In addition we have the new focus area of the Environment that we need to consider and see where it best fits, and if it needs it’s own separate committee.  We have many very dedicated committee chairs and members and many of you serve on more than one committee and I thank you all for what you do.

So if you get a call from one of the Directors listed below please give your consideration to helping out the club become even stronger.  Or if you are interested in a committee in their area, please contact them, or me directly.