This week I would like to take time to Thank the Program Committee and it’s Co-Chairs Nathan Phillips and Michael Syman-Degler.  As a club we owe ALL of the members of Committee a great thank you for providing high quality programs, that are of interest during this pandemic.  We have recently heard timely talks from the Eugene Police Chief, the State Treasurer, and the Eugene Chamber of Commerce.  This month and the line up will include the Dean of the Law School at the U of O, the GM of radio station KLCC, the 4-J interim Superintendent and the Eugene Ballet.  A truly top tier group of speakers with a variety of interesting topics.  Thank you Program Committee!!
This next meeting will be on August 4th which has particular meaning for me.  Over the last few years I have given the inspiration on the Tuesday closest to August 4th in honor of this day.  But for me to have our meeting on this day, quite a coincidence. The first person who can tell me the significance of what happened on August 4th, 1790, will win a special prize to be awarded at the beginning of the meeting.  So be the first to email me  the answer, at, to collect the prize!!