My last few days have been spent picking, culling, and preparing apples from the prolific tree in our back yard! So what are the possibilities after they are peeled and sliced. There are many and only your imagination and creativity limit them. Besides just nibbling we decided on our winter time staple applesauce, and some apple-blueberry pie. But we could have gone in many other directions (apple crisp comes to mind, but there are still some apples on the tree:).

The same is true of our Rotary club during Covid. We are limited to virtual meetings for now, but there are plenty of choices out there to continue doing what we stand for and continue our fellowship. Small social gatherings and socially distanced work projects, Jenifer’s fifth meeting/social, and ArtSparks moving to a virtual auction, the possibilities are only limited by our imagination.

So let’s get creative in our ways to enjoy the fellowship of our fellow Rotarians and to do interesting things together. While you are at it, talk to and invite a friend to join our meeting and let’s keep growing our club. Just like the peeled and sliced apple, the possibilities are endless!!

Best Regards,

Tom Gilmour