We all got  a nice message from last weeks (Aug 11) speaker on how much he enjoyed speaking to our club.  I have invited all of our speakers to join us early (1200-1215) and to stay late after the “Parting Shot (post 1:15) to be part of our open session, to get a feel for the Club and it’s membership.  Most of them have remarked about what a good experience that has been.  How they enjoyed the polite and congenial exchange of our group (something often missing from today’s discourse), and in the questions they receive.

I think it is because of the genuine enthusiasm the club has seeing each other, even virtually, in these open sessions.  Here is Jim Rondeau’s email to Micheal Syman-Degler and me:

Thanks so much for the opportunity to speak with Rotary Club of Eugene today.  I was very appreciative of the invitation, the kind attention of your members, the good questions, and the thoughtful donation.. 

I know we’re all looking forward to in-person gatherings.  I look forward to meeting you when we can breach the 6 foot barrier.

Please express my appreciation to your outstanding group.

Jim Rondeau, General Manager KLCC

So why did our speaker take the time from his busy day to thank us? I think it is the genuine enthusiasm, politeness, and appreciation he felt from the group (even virtually).  So for those who stayed on afterwards to ask questions and express their appreciation, I thank you, because it reflects back on us.  I also noted some very nice comments on his talk in the Zoom “chat room.”  These too are noticed by our speakers, so keep them coming.

So for those who join early or stay late to interact with one another, thank you for your genuine enthusiasm interacting with one another and the respect you show our speakers and each  other.  This speaker was so impressed he is thinking of joining our club.

Well Done!!

Tom Gilmour