I want to thank everyone who attended last week’s turnover meeting on Zoom.  It was a great tribute to Jennifer and all of the great things she and the club did in spite of these trying times.  Jennifer has done a GREAT job with the virtual meetings, even though it isn’t the same as our in person meetings.  The thing I miss the most is singing with the Rotations, as I find singing therapeutic for me even though I am not of Rotations quality.  I think more than one of our speakers has equated Rotary with singing and we will work on that!

My first meeting will be a busy one, as we need to complete the annual meeting of the Eugene Rotary Scholarship Foundation (ERSF) with Scott Palmer running it as the chair.  We will start with our usual 1200-1215 social time, but please arrive promptly so I can start the meeting on time.  Since I am learning my way on zoom, I will rely on Liz Ness and Jerry Harris (and maybe others) to lend me hand and give them my heartfelt thanks in advance.  I talked a little about my priorities last week and will try to use the LOG weekly to talk more about them and what is going on in the club.  Today I will use the opportunity to remind everyone that “Happy Dollars” are for just that, things that made you Happy or you think might make others happy (with the objective of raising money for our youth [Happy Dollars go to the ERSF]).  Please don’t use it for an announcement to the club about something that is going on in the club, that should be an announcement that should come through the President.  Jokes (other than from the President, or other approved speaker) should be done in the Happy Dollars time allotment.  If jokes (or quips) are done out of line, I have appointed Jerry to be “Sergeant at Arms,” to allot a proper fine.  You have been properly warned.  Hope to see you the 14th as our speaker looks like another good one (thanks to our outstanding Program Committee).

President Tom Gilmour