Full length, full of life, fun, informative and just what Rotary is all about. Zoom meetings with happy dollars, announcements, what’s new and some great presenters with important information about this crises in the world and how it affects the US. Oregon and Eugene.

TUESDAYS – 12:15 

Location: Note: We are currently meeting virtually. Join us via Zoom

Graduate Hotel – 66 East 6th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon, 97401-2667


Rotary Club of Eugene will return to meeting at the Eugene Conference Center, located at the Graduate Hotel, when it is deemed safe.  We look forward to seeing everyone in person at that time. 





As the Original Rotary Club in Lane County and one of the oldest in Oregon, The Rotary Club of Eugene has served the community well – and has sponsored many other Rotary clubs in Lane County, Oregon and even foreign countries.

This important club has been very involved in the life, business, government and service to people of this community.



As a leading service organization of Lane County, The Rotary Club of Eugene has provided a touchstone for generations of business and government leaders. Longtime relationships and friendships have come out of both Rotary’s natural ability to connect people and the place this club holds in the community. Generations have found camaraderie and networking opportunities at the meetings and in the work of this Rotary Club.



For nearly a century this club’s meetings have provided an insight into the workings of government, business, medical, education and society of the community and the world. Some of the best and brightest have presented at this club. Local, national and international speakers provide the members and the media insights and inspiration. The scholarship awards are inspiring and heartfelt. This is a very special place to see and be seen.


MODEL UNITED NATIONS learning experience. ARTSPARK EUGENE at all Eugene 4J Elementary Schools. Eugene has the new WJ SKATEPARK because the Rotary Club of Eugene. SKINNER BUTTE PARK was saved. State of the art RIVERPLAY children’s playground. The HULT CENTER, CUTHBERT AMPHITHEATER, TUGMAN PARK and ALTON BAKER PARK. The club supports FOOD FOR LANE COUNTYMINI HOMES, Education and Arts in area schools, local YOUTH SCHOLARSHIPS, PEACE SCHOLARSHIPSHIGHER EDUCATION INITIATIVES and CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, Rotary’s INTERACT and Rotaract Youth Groups. 



Polio is right on the verge of complete eradication in the world. Rotary excels with health and education efforts, Fellowship Exchanges, International Students, Group Study Exchanges. World Peace. Rotary created Peace Centers around the world with Masters Degrees in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. Rotary sends in Shelter Boxes for disasters. The creation of the UN was a Rotary Project. Education and scholarships is a huge part of Rotary. Rotary Clubs build parks, music centers, schools, camps. Clubs support efforts in underdeveloped areas of the world and our country for water wells, cooking stoves, sanitation, housing, education and medical services. And simply just about anything where there is a need.. . . .



Supporting the Environment becomes Rotary’s seventh area of focus, which are categories of service activities supported by global grants. It joins 

Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention 

Disease Prevention and Treatment 

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene 

Maternal and Child Health 

Basic Education and Literacy 

Community Economic Development.



Club meetings, committees and projects are the heart and soul of Rotary Clubs. How people get involved with each other, in the community and in the world. Participation is how members find their perfect place. How they can serve to their best. And how they can have the most fun! Rotary provides so many ways for members to get involved. The soul of Rotary. And participation provides the hearts and that special place for each member.




The Rotary Club of Eugene is raising $20,000 to repair (not replace) up to 20 existing wells in 4 rural sub-counties of the Tororo District of Uganda as a separate but complimentary project to the clubs global grant. We are collaborating with the Eugene Airport Rotary Club for this the first of two consecutive global grants in 2021 and 2022 to fund the maternal and child health project.

 Water Wells






In response to the catastrophic loss of homes, businesses, and livelihoods for many Oregonians, Rotary established a Fire Relief Fund to help fire victims rebuild their lives. For the painful and challenging times ahead, Rotary asks for your help for our neighbors in need.

Fire Relief Fund


COVID –Rotary to the Rescue!

If you want to volunteer or know of someone who might be interested please click for the Covid Service Page. You will be sent forms and once completed you can email them back. Because of the criminal background check, it might take up to 2 days to receive clearance. The deadline to volunteer for the February 27-28 clinics is to have forms to me by Wednesday, February 24 at 5:00 pm.

COVID Service Page


Conestoga project last Wednesday and Sunday. Building Conestoga pods at the end of Washington St. (north of Skate Park on east side of W-J bridge) called Skinner City.

Due to State Mandated COVID restrictions the December 5 build-out was suspended. Keep checking in for a new date to finish the last 2 pods. 


President’s Message September 29th

This letter is all about gratitude and appreciation. I am VERY happy that our political programs are behind us and that I (and many of you who sent me emails) thought that we stuck to the issues, and met the 4-way test in the way we treated each candidate. I am very...

President’s Message September 22nd

I was very happy to see our recent rains that cleared up our skies and provided much needed help to our very brave and hard working firefighters. It made me so happy I kind of wanted to do a little dance!! I thought about that for awhile and thought perhaps our...

President’s Message September 15th

With everything that is going on and continued smokey skies outside, it is really hard to be positive, but then we receive messages of concern and action by our District Governor Cindi O'Neil. First she put out a need for Red Cross volunteers and told everyone how...

President’s Message September 1st

I have included an email received from the President of Rotary International last week, that tells us the African region is certified Polio free (the only known cases left are in Afghanistan and Pakistan). Many of you saw this in the national news last week. This is a...

President’s Message September 8th

This weeks program will be with one of the candidates in the upcoming election for the 4th congressional district and feature Congressman Peter DeFazio. His challenger Alex Skarlatos will speak to us in 2 weeks. I want both programs to meet the 4-way test and most of...

President’s Message August 25th

My last few days have been spent picking, culling, and preparing apples from the prolific tree in our back yard! So what are the possibilities after they are peeled and sliced. There are many and only your imagination and creativity limit them. Besides just nibbling...