The Rotary Club of Eugene (Club) has kicked off their second annual Oregon Rotary Model United Nations (ORRMUN) program! 

The Rotary Club of Eugene (Club) plans to hold the 2020 Oregon Rotary Model United Nations (ORRMUN) program on April 18-19, 2020 at the Graduate Eugene Hotel and Conference Center.  The Club is the founder of the ORRMUN program:  It is a two-day conference modeled on a United Nations General Assembly session.  The ORRMUN will be free to high school students from grades 9-12 who apply and are accepted.  The Club is planning to host up to 20 ‘countries’ consisting of two student delegates and one adult advisor.

The student delegates research their assigned country, determine their country’s position on a draft Resolution taken from the actual United Nations Agenda, make alliances, and negotiate with adversaries to amend and pass the Resolution in a two-day, professional, General Assembly session.  This is a great learning experience for the future leaders of our country and a great addition to college applications and job resumes. The Club is only the 2nd Rotary Club in the US to develop and host this important learning experience.

Please view the video links on this page for inspiration and more information on the ORRMUN experience!  Click to view and download the MUN 2019 Report, the MUN 2020 Goals, and our ORRMUN FAQs below.

We will begin accepting applications for the MUN on November 1. 2019 and will notify successful applicants in late December/early January.  Check back to this page for more information and directions for applying. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Model United Nations?
    A.  A Model United Nations (MUN) is like a ‘mock’ court.  Students are selected to be delegates of a member nation of the real United Nations.  ‘Delegations’ of two students and one adult advisor are assigned a country and then study their country’s political, governmental, social, economic and cultural history in preparation for a two-day MUN Conference and General Assembly session held at a Eugene Hotel/Conference Center.  During the General Assembly session, each delegation will give a speech stating their country’s position on a draft resolution that has been developed from the actual United Nations General Assembly Agenda for the current session in New York, New York.  The resolution will be debated in our MUN General Assembly and teams will prepare amendments to the resolution.  Teams will caucus and negotiate to pass a final resolution.  During the General Assembly session, teams will stay overnight at the conference hotel for one night and all meals for both days of the conference are provided. 
  2. When is it? 
    A1.  Applications for the MUN will be available beginning in November 2019.
    A2.  Students will be notified of their selection by December 31, 2019. 
    A3.  Teams and countries will be assigned in early January 2020.
    A4.  A training session for students and advisors will be held on a Saturday in mid-January. 
    A5.  Teams will have from mid January until mid-April to study their country, evaluate the draft resolution, prepare a 5-minute speech on their country’s position on the resolution, prepare an amendment to the resolution, and conduct behind the scenes negotiations to establish alliances before the MUN Conference and General Assembly session.
    A6.  The MUN Conference and General Assembly session will be held on April 18 and 19, 2020 at the Graduate Eugene Hotel. 
  3. Am I eligible?
    A.  If you are a registered high school student (9-12 grade) in good standing you are eligible to participate.  We encourage students to apply regardless of their grade level, grade point average, race, gender, orientation or socioeconomic status.  
  4. Does it cost anything?
    A1.  The Oregon Rotary Model United Nations does not charge students to participate. 
    A2.  The MUN is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Eugene (Club) and funded by major donations from the Club and Stifel (financial advisors with an office in Eugene), country-level ($1,000-$1,200) donations from local businesses and organizations (Lane Historical Society and Museum; Victoria Whitman/Windermere Real Estate; and Anonymous) and other smaller donations (Rotary Club of Cottage Grove). 
    A3.  If you need to travel to Eugene to participate in the MUN Conference, your travel costs are your responsibility.  While your overnight hotel stay and meals are included, you are responsible for any other hotel charges you incur.   
  5. Where do I apply?
    A.  We are not taking applications until the beginning of November.  Check at to find our announcement that applications are being accepted and information on how to obtain an application form.
  6. Can I apply with a partner so we can work together as part of the same country delegation? 
    A. You will apply to the MUN individually; however, there will be a place on your application where you can tell us you are hoping to work with a specific partner.  We will try to accommodate these types of requests as long as you and your partner name each other on your application but we will not guarantee that both your applications will be selected or that your request will be approved.
  7. What else do I need to know before I apply?
    A1.  You need to check your calendar, check with your parents, and check with your school advisors to ensure that you will be available on the weekend of the conference (April 18-19, 2020).  If you can’t devote the entire day and evening of the 18th and entire day of the 19th to the conference, then you can not apply to the MUN. 
    A2.  Your parent or guardian will need to sign your application and forms (medical treatment form, photo/video release form).  If this presents a problem, please have your school advisor contact Jerry Harris at to discuss.
    A3.  The MUN is set up to operate as a professional conference.  You will be expected to act and dress in a professional manner and follow our code of conduct.  The Rotary Club of Eugene will establish a clothes closet of professional attire if any delegates need to access profession clothing.  
  8. Who will my adult advisor be?
    A1. A member of the Rotary Club of Eugene, friend of the Club, or member of another Rotary Club. 
    A2.  If you know of a teacher or other individual that has offered to be your team’s advisor, there will be a place on the application form for you to tell us her/his/their name and contact information.
    A3.  All our advisors will have to allow us to perform a background check on them.  Those who do not do so or do not pass the check will not be allowed to participate.
    A4.  Our advisors must also follow a code of conduct.
  9. Where can I find out more about the Oregon Rotary MUN?
    A.  You can find pictures, information updates, an inspirational video, an informational video, and slideshows about MUN at
  10. What else do I need to know?
    A1.  You can do this!  All you need is to commit to doing your best and sticking with it if you are selected. 
    A2.  You need to know that you will meet with your advisor on a schedule that you work out together but we recommend meeting for an hour or two at least once a week at the beginning.  Meetings are typically held at your school or at a convenient coffee shop, local library, etc. 
    A3.  We will provide your team with a training session and plenty of research materials and links to get you off to a good start on your research. 
    A4.  Your advisor will keep your team on track and focused on your tasks but you and your team partner will be doing the work.  We are giving you ample time from selection of your team until the MUN conference (three months) so you can work on MUN and keep up with your regular school work and activities but it is ultimately your responsibility to do the work.