Hello Rotarians!

We are still looking for a few new volunteers for our next Conestoga build effort on Saturday December 5 from 9 am to approximately 1pm.  The build will be located at the new Conestoga pod at Lot 9 near Autzen Stadium.  We will build two Conestogas.

As you may know, we have already built 4 Conestogas near Skinner Butte Park at the north end of Washington St.  These builds were a heck of a lot of fun and I believe we did a good job of being Covid safe while working – however, as our previous volunteers will tell you, I am the COVID POLICE! (that is the nice version of what they call me) and I will harangue you if you are working too close to someone or letting your mask slip down!

The December 5 date puts us past our current lockdown period.  Of course we will monitor the OHA updates and follow their recommendations as we approach our December 5 date, including canceling the build if the lockdown is extended.

Please contact me by email at gwharris@comcast.net if you wish to volunteer for the December 5 build project.   I’ll keep a list with first come first accepted protocols. we are looking for 8 volunteers (two teams of 4 each working on their own Conestoga so we can maintain social distance).  We want everyone to wear an N-95 mask or equivalent.

Thanks and PS, lunch will be provided!

Yours in service!