BitCork & Scholarship Annual Meeting. 

BITCORK. What are they up to? With Todd Edman
Bitcork is a bit like a superhero whose power is to deliver bottles of wine faster than Superman would show up to rescue Lois Lane �Eugene Register Guard.

CLUB SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION ANNUAL MEETING. The Eugene Rotary Scholarship Foundation has awarded scholarships to six students to attend colleges in Oregon totaling $15,000. They include the following students and in following amounts: Hannah Stevens–$4,000, Neviah Lee–$1,000, Sarah Beck–$2,500, Elijah Routley– $2,500, Jadzia Engle–$4,000, and Shane Kruger–$1,000. The scholarships are awarded annually to high school graduates to assist with their first year of college. The scholarships are funded through the earnings received on the investment funds held and managed by Morgan Stanley. Each of you can assist in these scholarships by direct donation to the foundation, through Happy Dollars and the Birthday Fund.