Children with Special Needs

Committee 2021

The Children with Special Needs Committee of Eugene Rotary is currently accepting proposals for grants. Grants may range in amount $1,000-$3,000. Proposals must be submitted by April 30, 2021. The grants will be distributed to successful applicants by June 18, 2021.

Mission: To provide funding to organizations that have programs or activities designed to enrich the lives of children with special needs.

Proposal Requirements:

1. Description of the organization and its clientele;

2. Statement of Need;

3A. Goals/Objectives for the program or project;

3B. How will effectiveness or results be measured?

4. Brief financial statement or budget showing sources of funds and expenditures;

5. Brochures or other printed materials on the program, project, or organization;

6. Letter of support from a Eugene Rotary member.

7. IRS 501 C (3) Organization Determination Letter.Important Information:

A. If you are a recipient, you must report back to the Committee with information on howgrant funds were spent and the effectiveness/results of the program or project funded.This report is due before the end of the calendar year.

B. Please submit proposals electronically to Make your submission to the attention of Craig Opperman, Children with Special Needs Committee.

Submit proposal by Friday, April 30, 2021 to, Attn: Craig Opperman, Children with Special Needs Committee.

Questions: Please contact Craig Opperman at or 541.686.2688.