ArtSpark Eugene has to be one of the most fun committees in the club. Work really hard all year and at the end have a huge party that is the Art Event of the year. Accomplish bringing arts education back into the schools that is satisfying and fulfilling. Have a blast at the end that makes all the work feel so very worth it. Look at how much the community appreciated this local effort. And already other Rotary Club in other cities in our region are taking on supporting Lane Arts Council to put artists in residence in their schools. Eugene is the county’s biggest school district and the oldest and biggest Rotary Club has taken this task on. Lots still to do for the April 26th date of the 2018 ArtSpark Eugene Gala and Art Auction. Join the committee. Get involved. And have a real good time too!

The arts are essential for learning and developing a well-rounded education. Through their experience in the arts, young people get to explore their creativity and develop critical thinking skills that will support them in any future endeavor. Research shows that students’ participation in the arts increases student engagement and graduation rates. In addition, “Students who study the arts seriously are taught to see better, to envision, to persist, to be playful and learn from mistakes, to make critical judgments and justify such judgments,” (Hetland and Winner, 2007).

ArtSpark supports Lane Arts Council’s artist residency program to provide students with high-quality arts experiences. The Rotary Club of Eugene, Lane Arts Council and Eugene Education Foundation is ensuring every elementary school in Eugene has at least one artist residency. Professional teaching artists engage young people in memorable arts experiences that align with academic learning objectives.  Schools select an artist from their teaching artist roster, including artists who teach ceramics, murals, tile portraiture, silk painting, puppetry and more. Artists residencies are customized based on the schools’ needs and are generally  2-4 weeks in length.

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